Sunderdeep Singh, a concerned father from Ludhiana, recently shared a heart-stopping incident involving his 3-year-old son on Twitter. The terrifying episode unfolded while Sunderdeep was picking up his sons from preschool. In a detailed thread on the platform, he narrated the harrowing experience of his son accidentally locking himself inside their car.

Father saves 3-year-old son after he locks himself in car. (Image courtesy: Twitter)

As per Sunderdeep’s account, after collecting his son Kabir from preschool, he settled him in the back seat along with his bags. Unexpectedly, Kabir somehow managed to snatch the car key from his father’s hands and unintentionally locked the car door. Meanwhile, Sunderdeep’s wife and their second son were still inside the school premises.

Upon attempting to enter the car, Sunderdeep realized that it was locked from the inside. Panic engulfed him as he comprehended the gravity of the situation. He desperately tried to communicate with Kabir, urging him to unlock the car, but the frightened young boy kept pressing the lock button repeatedly, which inadvertently triggered the car’s theft alarm, escalating Kabir’s fear even more.

“There are moments in life where no matter how composed you believe yourself to be, panic can take over, leading to a temporary lapse in judgment. Today, while picking up my 3-year-old sons from school, one of them accidentally locked himself inside the car, with the windows fully rolled up,” shared Mr. Singh on Twitter.

The incident highlights the importance of child safety measures and serves as a reminder to always remain vigilant, especially when young children are around vehicles. Sunderdeep’s thread on social media has garnered attention, sparking discussions about child safety awareness and the need for precautionary measures in such situations. Thankfully, the story ended with a positive outcome, and Kabir was safely reunited with his family.

According to Mr Singh, when he found himself in need of help, people in the vicinity gathered around, and he made several calls to various individuals and shops. However, the location he was at required at least 15 minutes for anyone to reach, and time was running out. Even is he contacted his brother and asked him to bring an extra key, it would still have taken 15 minutes for his brother to arrive at the location, which was not fast enough to address the situation.

He added the car was hot from inside, and he was uncertain about the time he had to rescue his son. Realizing the urgency of the situation, he swiftly rushed to a nearby puncture shop, which was located just 30 meters away. There, he urgently requested the mechanic to fetch the largest sledgehammer available, without providing any specific explanation about the circumstances.

“We reached at the site again & I asked him to smash the rear glass but he gave it a go at the quarter glass. In a 3rd-4th hit itself the glass window broke, Kabir was crying but still managed to hand over the key without hurting himself with the broken glass pieces,” he said.

Sunderdeep gained valuable insights from this heart-pounding incident, and he graciously shared his newfound wisdom with his Twitter followers. “I’ve learned a few crucial lessons from this experience,” he said, “Firstly, I removed the key cover, which inadvertently made the keys harder to press. Perhaps Kabir was attempting to unlock it from inside, but the buttons weren’t responding. Secondly, it’s essential never to hand over keys to a child. I admit that this was my most significant mistake; my casual approach contributed to this situation. Moving forward, I highly recommend buckling these curious little ones into their child seats, even if it means they might cry.”

By openly sharing his learnings, Sunderdeep aims to raise awareness about child safety and encourage other parents to take precautions to prevent similar incidents. His candid admission serves as a powerful reminder for everyone to be mindful of potential hazards and to prioritize the safety and well-being of their children in all circumstances. Through this experience, Sunderdeep hopes to inspire others to adopt a more cautious approach when it comes to child safety and to be proactive in securing their vehicles to ensure the utmost protection for their little ones.