FSSAI Registration

What is FSSAI Registration

TEvery business deal with the food activities is required to apply for either simple FSSAI registration or FSSAI license. The different type of FSSAI licenses based on business turnover, type of activity and scale of business.

FSSAI State License- This type of FSSAI license is required for the medium size companies with annual turnover of Rs.12 crores to 20 crores.

FSSAI Central License- This license is required for the typically large size businesses which have an annual turnover above Rs.20 crores. Also, in case of food products supply at the government offices or import-export of food products, the central license is applicable.

What You Will Get

Dedicated FPO search and eligibility check for you

  License Certificate
After approval of the application, FSSAI Registration/License no. will be provided

We will provide you with the acknowledgement challan

Documents Required

Only Scanned Copies are needed, Scanned copy of PAN Card of all directors and Aadhar card/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License 

Following documents are needed to file an FSSAI Application in India


The latest colour passport size photograph is required

 PAN Card
PAN card of the owner

 IEC Code
Only in the case of a central license





ID Proof
Aadhar card / Voter ID of the owner

 Address Proof
Latest utility bill(water/electricity/gas

CA Declaration
Only in case of turnover exceeds 18 or 19 crore

For small size food manufacturers


Government Fee 100.00
Professional Fee 3,179.00
Goods and Service Tax 720.00
Total Cost 3,999.00

*Registration will be valid for the period of one year.

For small to medium food business operators and manufacturers

Consultancy Free
Government Fee Rs 5,000
Professional Fees Rs 3,389
Goods & Service Tax Rs 610
Total Cost (State) Rs 8,999

*The government fee may differ for restaurants, hotels, millers, milk processing units and food manufacturers.

*License will be valid for the period of one year.

For food operators that are export-oriented

Consultancy Free
Government Fee Rs 7,500
Professional Fees Rs 7,203
Goods & Service Tax Rs 1,296
Total Cost (Central) Rs 15,999

*License will be valid for the period of one year.

How long does it take?


2 days




Eligibility Check

2 Working Hours
Check the acceptability of your premise based on the capacity, turnover or location. This acceptability criteria will determine the type of FSSAI registration required by your government.


Application Filing

1 Working Day
Submission of Form-A or Form B based on the category you fall into, by submitting fee for FSSAI application to the required FBO of your area along with a declaration form.


Inspection of the Application

1 Working Day
Submission of Form-A or Form B based on the category you fall into, by submitting fee for FSSAI application to the required FBO of your area along with a declaration form.


Filing Completed
Acknowledgement Sent

– 60 Working Days
Once the FSSAI application has been submitted the competent authorities will check the application and issue registration certificate within 60 days.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it compulsory to have FSSAI registration number on the packaging of the food products?

According to the packaging and labelling provisions of Food Safety and Standards Act India (FSSAI), 2006, it is necessary for every food business operator to print an FSSAI registration number or license number and FSSAI logo on the packaging of the food products.

What grievance can be addressed to the FSSAI authority?

  • Food poisoning
  • Food adulteration
  • Violation of the provisions of FSSAI Act
  • Food contaminations
  • Sub-standard quality of food
  • Unhygienic malpractices by FBOs
  • Misleading labelling, packaging and advertisements
  • FSSAI registration and licensing grievances
  • Unauthorised use of food ingredients

What is the difference between FSSAI registration and FSSAI license?

FSSAI registration and license, both are governed by the Food Safety and Standards Regulation. Every food business operator required to obtain either FSSAI registration or FSSAI license.

FSSAI registration is required for the small food business operators with maximum annual turnover of Rs.12 lakhs.

FSSAI license is required for mid and large sized food businesses. FSSAI state license applies to mid-sized companies with annual turnover between Rs.12 to 20 crores. Whereas FSSAI central license applies to large food businesses with annual turnover above Rs. 20 crores.

Can an expired FSSAI license be renewed?

If the renewal application has been filed later than the 30 days, but before the expiry date, the renewal request can be considered if accompanied by a late fee of Rs.100 per day of delay.

If renewal of FSSAI registration or license has not been applied even beyond the 30 days of the registration, then such registration will expire. In order to restart the business, the food operator will have to apply for a fresh registration.

I have two warehouses at different places within a state. Do I need to apply for separate licenses?

In case of multiple warehouses, a single license can be applicable provided all the warehouses should be in the same campus address. You need to apply for different license for each of the warehouses when warehouses are at different locations even if they are in the same city.

Who are exempted from FSSAI registration?

  • Primary food producers, i.e. farmers
  • Food prepare only for household purpose
  • Registered as a member of cooperative society

Does one have to present physically to get the FSSAI registration or License?

No, the whole FSSAI registration process is online. You can send the scanned copy of all the required documents via e-mail. All the forms and documents are filed electronically and even signed digitally. The FSSAI online registration makes the process more easier.


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