Copyright Registration

What is Copyright Registration

Copyright is an important property of the owner.
Copyright protects companies, authors, writers, software developers, artists, designers,architects, musicians, creative
geeks and media houses to protect their creations like software, web content, books, videos, artwork, films, songs from copycats

What You Will Get

  An acknowledgement slip with payment details

 An application copy of copyright bearing diary number along with the statement of particulars.

Documents Required

Only Scanned Copies are needed, Scanned copy of PAN Card of all directors and Aadhar card/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License


 General POA

(Executed in a non-judicial stamp paper to authorize our representative to file the application on your behalf.)

(Three copies of the work to be copyrighted, to be represented accurately without any modifications and changes)


 Info sheet
(Supporting info sheet mentioning details of the work to be copyrighted)

 Identity Proof
(Any Photo ID such as PAN, Aadhar card, Voter ID, Passport or Driving license.)

Price Breakup

For literary, dramatic, musical and other artistic work

Consultancy Free
Govt Fee 500.00
Professional Fees 2,542.00
Goods & Service Tax 457.00
Total Cost 3,499.00

*Extra govt. fee for artistic work using or capable of using in goods/services.

For sound recordings

Consultancy Free
Government Fee 2,000.00
Professional Fees 2,118.00
Goods & Service Tax 381.00
Total Cost 4,499.00

For audiovisual, cinematograph film, software

Consultancy Free
Government Fee 5,000.00
Professional Fees 2,118.00
Goods & Service Tax 381.00
Total Cost 7,499.00

How long does it take?


5 days




Application Preparation

2-3 Working Days
Our team will begin the copyright registration process by preparing the application. For this, we will require basic information about the work you want to copyright and a few supporting documents. You will also need to send us an authorization letter so that we will be able to file the application on your behalf.


Application Filing

1 Working Day
Our lawyer will file your registration application along with the supporting documents. Upon successful filing, you will receive a diary number.


Application Processing

30 – 45 Working Days
After you receive the Diary Number, you would have to wait for a mandatory period of 30 days to ensure that objections aren’t raised. After the completion of 30 days, the examiner will scrutinize your application. If no discrepancy is found, the application can proceed for approval from the Deputy Registrar after which your work will be registered, and the extracts of the same will be sent to you.
In case an objection is raised, or if the department finds a discrepancy with your application, you will have to file a suitable reply, which will be followed by a hearing before the Registrar. If the Registrar is satisfied, the application is then sent to the Deputy Registrar for approval, and thereafter your copyright will either be rejected or approved.


Filing Completed
Acknowledgement Sent

Frequently Asked Questions


What rights does the Copyright Act bestow on the owner of the right?

  • Right to issue the copies of work to the public
  • Right of publication
  • Right to integrity
  • Right to reproduce the work
  • Right to perform the work publicly
  • Rights to translate the work
  • Right to make an adaption of the work

Can I register multiple works in one application?

Yes, it’s possible in some special cases to use a single application for a collection of works. This can be done:

  • If the creator of all the works is the same
  • If all the works are unpublished, or if they have been published at the same time.

What are the different categories or work that can be registered in the same application?

  • As a collection of unpublished work
  • As a single unit of published work
  • As a group registration

Do I need to copyright or trademark to protect my company name and slogan?

Copyright does not provide protection to a brand name, title, logo or slogan or a combination thereof. In order to get protection for such brand elements, you should opt for a trademark registration.

Is a copyright registration in India valid across the world?

Since Copyright Laws are territorial, a copyright registration is valid only in the home country. Every country has its own set of intellectual property laws, which may vary. However, you can obtain an international copyright registration, where you can use the registered copyright as an evidence of using first.


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